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Dec. 14th, 2007


(no subject)

i still cant fucking believe this.i managed to get 3.65 for my exam result and now one of the students who name are on the Dean's List.hahahaha...lucky me.lucky me!!

Oct. 26th, 2007


(no subject)

i had finished my final papers and i have 2 more papers to go. life suck big time!my sociology paper is the one that i most concerned about. could it get any harder. i way proud when i heard that tai's concert in ny was already a sold out. wish i was there!

Oct. 20th, 2007


what happen to myspace?

fuck!fuck!fuck!i'm so not in the freaking mood today. how come myspace refuse to verify my stupid email?fuck man! life sucks big time.it's like they just pushed me into a pile of shit! shit!i heard that bill is sick. is it true?i hope he get well soon. my post couldn't get any lamer. thanks to myspace, i cant even add to my friends. fuck them!cant somebody help?i might not be online every single fucking day but i'm trying to make an effort here!!!btw i just wanna give a shout out to rocket summer...they rock as hell!!!post me about the tai concerts coz i cant be there since i have to go back to my stupid university. my final is this monday.*yeay cant wait* blek!!!!hell no! i hate presssure. and the only thing that make me feel better today is tai song everything we had and neighbors. truth?everything we had is freaking sad. i give prop to bill as he is an insanely emotional songwriter. that a compliment btw. give me a shout out if you want to..i'm still struggling with my post and all the shit that i'm handling every single day. life sucks big time!!!but thank god tai save me XD

Oct. 16th, 2007


hot day

i haven't write for a while now. my stupid final exam is soon and i'm so not ready for it. whatever! i just love tai's vid!! love everything we had. i urged all my friends to admit he is way cute!! and yes, they actually listened to me. hahahaha.....lucky me! give me a shout out about tai's concert. when will they come to asia?

Sep. 30th, 2007


d best day ever!

yesterday was so cool.i was kinda busy in d morning but d night was amazing.since im stuck in a university where we have 2 go back 2 our room by 11 pm, still we had a freaking blast yesterday. this place is brand new 2 me as i just had been living here for almost 3months only. still i love everyone here. my new found friends are so cool!!!!i had 2 sacrifice my precious sleep just 2 finish my final assignmnet 4 my final 4 dis semester. the year had been tough but i'm holding on. after d whole chaos,me n my girls went out 2 the freaking mall.we got lost....AGAIN!but it's all in the name of fun....we managed 2 reach d university around 10pm.it was tiring but totally worth it. d day couldn't get anymore better!as finally,my university library had it's application d managed 2 make me watch some cool videos from the academy is...love them.post me about their concert. im way way way in Malaysia in Asia n i doubt dat they will come here soon...

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